Deluxe Introduces Platform for Content Creation, Distribution

Deluxe launched its Deluxe One platform on Monday.

Developed to unify all elements of the content ecosystem, Deluxe’s Deluxe One platform “reimagines how content gets made and delivered,” said Deluxe Chief Product Officer Andy Shenkler. Deluxe One offers a streamlined system to manage the creation, transformation, packaging and delivery of content across screens.

An open platform, Deluxe One can integrate with any vendor or customer system.

This modular architecture, Shenkler explained, “unifies what was once a very fragmented ecosystem of services and [offers] it to customers through a single interface that gives them control and visibility throughout the entire media lifecycle.”

Deluxe One plugs into a customer workflow, at the production, packaging/delivery or distribution stage, via its API. Once connected, it acts as a hub for customer data and assets, enabling them to move their content through one of Deluxe’s service pipelines — or those of their partners — while giving customers access to all of their data at all times.

Unifying a network of microservices, Deluxe One allows customers to streamline workflows, reducing hand-offs between vendors, speeding turnaround times through automation and enabling customers to get their content to global audiences quickly and reliably.