DEVA Broadcast

Booth C1336

DEVA is showing an extension to its monitoring portfolio, the DB3010 FM Radio and IP audio confidence monitoring receiver. This tool supervises simultaneously the FM and the online stream of the radio station ensuring perfect service and performance.

The DB3010 FM Radio and IP receiver offers full-fidelity program monitoring and features and FM band DSP-based tuner; up to 100 dBμV direct RF antenna input; selectable IF filter bandwidth; wide-angle, easy-to-read OLED display; quick station access via four presets; real-time audio program streaming; full fidelity radio program monitoring in only 1RU; a built-in web and FTP server; advanced Internet radio monitoring capabilities; and more.

DEVA has also designed the DB3011 device to receive and monitor FM/HD radio and internet radio streams. This is equipped with two speakers to reproduce mid- and high-range audio frequencies, and one high-efficiency bass reflex speaker for high-quality sound. The DB3011 offers improved acoustic characteristics with an extensive feature set.