Dielectric LLC

Booth C2445

Dielectric is introducing a 20-kW liquid-cooled mask filter, tunable over U.S. Channels 14 to 51. Designed for the ATSC full mask, it will also support ISDB-T and DVB-T non-critical masks over the same frequency range. The combination of low loss and liquid cooling allow this power level to be addressed with a smaller-size filter than the traditional dual-mode waveguide cavity filter.

Also on display is the DCR-T FM antenna, available in 1 through 8 bays with an input power up to 8 kW. Each array is field-tunable and can be optimized anywhere on the FM band. It is suitable for emergency application where a lightweight, low-power, frequency-agile antenna is required, and is available with radomes.

Also available is the Dielectric RF Scout Plus Monitor. This product features a 4.3-inch touch panel, as well as via remote web access. The RF Scout Plus system can detect and remedy VSWR problems as they develop.