Digital Alert Systems

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At the 2015 NAB Show, Digital Alert Systems is showing its new Audio Management System (AMS) along with the company’s range of next-generation Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) technologies spanning all aspects of EAS and CAP requirements. Highlights include the new DAS-Audio Messaging Controller combined with the MultiPlayer, along with the DASDEC series of integrated EAS/CAP devices, upgraded with a number of new features.

The new AMS is a two-part system consisting of a DAS Audio Message Controller (AMC) and the MultiPlayer linked to provide message aggregation, text-to-speech, and proper message audio on both Main and SAP audio streams in compliance with the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibilty Act (21CVAA) rules.

The DASEOC “M” series is FCC-certified and FEMA IPAWS-conformant devices represent integrated EAS/CAP equipment capable of simultaneously providing all four EAS and CAP functions: CAP message origination, EAS encoding, CAP monitoring
and EAS decoding.