Digital Alert Systems

Booth N5009 Digital Alert Systems has updated a trio of its systems. Version 3.1 software upgrade of the DASDEC system enables the EAS/CAP platform to support MPEG-DASH. It is now possible to switch the internal MPEG encoder to maintain continuity with downstream encoders and other devices. The upgrade also provides the Alert Agent with improved rare alert case handling, as well as a new audio-normalization function matching audio levels in analog and digital alerts and security and logging changes to make the system compliant with CAP server mandates.

There also has been an update to Digital Alert System’s Custom Message Plus software, rebranded as Custom Message Pro. The system can store message contents and display parameters as named templates and a new interface.

Also new is version 3.0 of the Audio Management System, which now offers more refined compliance with the 21st Century CVAA, improved connectivity, stability and logging.