Digital Nirvana

Booth SU14312 Digital Nirvana is debuting an all-in-one automated sports clipping service. Designed to enable broadcasters to easily capture and share every fast-paced moment in a game, the sports clipping service is coupled with automated caption synchronization, empowering users to publish sports media content online and via social media without time lag while complying with new FCC regulations.

Service highlights in Digital Nirvana’s booth will be its closed-captioning offerings, including automated cloud-based, closed-captioning generation and synchronization services. Digital Nirvana is also introducing an automated video logging service.

Product highlights include the company’s MonitorIQ media management platform, along with its standalone media management solutions, including the cloud-based OTT monitoring solution AnyStreamIQ, as well as content repurposing solution MediaPro. Digital Nirvana is also showcasing its CAR/TS transport stream recorder and Repeat Audio Detection (RAD) technology.