Booth C3336 DPA Microphones is demonstrating the d:fine in-ear broadcast headset microphone with two parallel running cables and two different- sized ear pads. There is no audio leakage between the in-ear dividers and the microphone capsule, and the capsules can be either omnidirectional or directional depending on need. The steel spring construction at the ear hook allows quick mounting, and the adjustable cable to the integrated in-ear plug(s) can be lengthened or shortened based on need.

Featuring an omnidirectional 2006V capsule, the d:facto interview microphone’s sensitivity has been adjusted down 12 dB to accommodate the typical sensitivities that come with interview mics and wireless handles. Wind and handling noise is lowered by a rubber suspension mount built into the d:facto head. The d:facto uses the same mic head for wired and wireless applications.