DPA Microphones

Booth C3336  DPA Microphones is displaying Core by DPA, the new amplifier technology that lives within DPA’s line of miniature lavalier, headset and instrument microphones.

Looking to minimize distortion and increase the dynamic range of its d:screet, d:fine and d:vote lines, DPA developed this amplifier to create an even clearer sound. The dynamic range has been expanded in all “Core” miniature capsules. For example, the dynamic range of the d:screet 4061 and the d:fine 4066 has been increased by 14 dB at 1 percent THD.

The new Core omnidirectional microphones have also achieved an IP58 waterproof rating, which provides water and moisture resistance through nano coating and hermetic sealing of the sensitive electronics.

Microphones purchased with the new technology will come in “Core” packaging and will have a blue label near the serial number on the cable to differentiate between these and the legacy versions. A very discreet laser engraving stating “core” has been incorporated at the microphone capsule as well.