Booth SU5724 DVEO is going mini for this year’s NAB Show, showcasing its Ministreamer HDMI/IP encoder and Mini D-Streamer IP/HDMI decoder.

The Ministreamer is capable of encoding a single IP stream at 0.1 to 60 Mbps. It features an H.264/AVC output that can be scaled to any resolution up to 1080p 30/1080i 60. IP output protocols include DASH, HLS, UDP, RTP and RTMP, while audio outputs are AAC, MPEG Audio or AC-3. The system’s 32 GB solid-state drive allows it to record and stream at the same time. It can also support logo insertion, text overlay and SCTE 35-compliant cue tone insertion.

The Mini D-Streamer supports HLS, HTTP, RSTP, HTML or RTMP inputs and converts H.264/AVC or MPEG-2 compressed digital video and audio into professional digital HDMI output. Like the Ministreamer, it is also capable of decoding at 0.1 to 60 Mbps.