Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies

Booth SL8505 Ardis Technologies, exhibiting under their Dynamic Drive Pool product name, is demonstrating its microDDP10GbE. This 1RU, low-power Ethernet San shared storage system weighs 11 pounds and is very quiet.

It comes with either eight 1TB or eight 2TB SSDs in RAID 5 with an effective capacity of 7 or 14TB. It has dual 1 GbE/ RJ45 and dual 10 GbE/RJ45 ports, which can also be used as 1 GbE. These four ports give a total bandwidth of 2.2 GBs. A microDDP10GbE with capacity up to 60TB is available upon request.

The company’s DDP vision is demonstrated with a setup combining three microDDP10GbEs into one DDP. The three units represent different locations on the Internet or on an intranet. In a number of cases, this could be a better alternative for sharing than collaborating via the cloud.