Booth SU5805 Elber is showing a line of products for satellite communications, which includes the ESSPx line of solid-state amplifiers with an output power from 50–200 W. The company says its ESSPx range features compactness, low-power consumption and high linearity thanks to the use of GaN devices.

Coupled with the Elber open platform Cleber, which is available in 1U and 3U chassis, the company is now able to deliver an advanced turnkey satellite solution comprising DVB-S/S2 modulators, receivers, up-converters, RF and ASI switches.

Cleber is also available as a transmitter control unit for the Elber XPM portable link. When users choose this option, the chassis is equipped with a digital modulator (DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T/T2), up-converter and, if required, one or more HD/ SD encoders (MPEG-2 or H-264). If Cleber is instead used as a receiver control unit, the system hosts a digital demodulator, down converter and decoders.