Booth SL9605 The EMC DSSD D5 rack-mountable flash appliance combines the performance profile of direct-attach flash with the availability and reliability of shared storage. It offers 10M IOPS, ~100 microsecond latency, 100 Gbps of bandwidth and 144 TBs of raw storage in five rack units. By connecting shared flash to each node via PCIe Gen 3, DSSD D5 maximizes results for data and performance intensive workloads, whether running on a database, HDFS or a local or parallel file system. The DSSD D5 combines dense flash with features including high-availability clustering, defect avoidance, always-on Cubic RAID and data vaulting.

VMAX All Flash is an all-flash storage array that natively supports block, file, open systems and mainframe with the ability to scale up to four petabytes of data. Its appliance-like packaging now includes both hardware and software.