Ensemble Designs

Booth N2712

Ensemble Designs is debuting the NXT 450 Clean Streaming Router. The NXT 450 combines traditional SD/HD SDI inputs and outputs with high-performance H.264 (MPEG-4) encoding and decoding. The result is an integrated solution that bridges between baseband and streaming video formats. Baseband (SDI) sources are routed through frame-synchronizing clean switches before being passed to the built-in encoder. Both IPTV (Unicast or Multicast) and DVB-ASI outputs are simultaneously available.

Control over the switching and configuration of the NXT 450 is available from the front panel, through Web and serial interfaces. The Web interface provides operators with live thumbnail views of all of the connected sources. Decoding of incoming IPTV and ASI signals are provided independently of the encoding functions. The Decoder output can be switched to any of the outputs and integrated with all of the other connected sources