ERI-Electronics Research Inc.

Booth C2324

ERI is introducing a high-power reflective UHF television mask filter in versions rated for 10 kW (convection-cooled), 15 kW (forced air-cooled), and 20 kW (liquid-cooled) average power. The UF Series of filters are field-tunable over the entire UHF television band. They are available in six- and eight-section versions and can be configured for 6, 7, or 8 MHz-channel bandwidths and for any ATSC or COFDM service. The filter design includes multiple cross-couplings to increase rejection of out-of-band emissions.

The FI836 is a single-cabinet solution for combining two FM stations into a single antenna. The filters are temperature- compensated and the standard configuration includes directional couplers at the combiner inputs and combined output. The FI836 is convection-cooled and rated up to 15 kW per input. The FI836A includes forced air-cooling fans and is rated up to 30 kW per input.