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ESE is introducing the ES-150U Master Clock Switcher that monitors ESE and SMPTE/EBU time codes. Master Clock Switchers are used with a Primary Master Clock (A) and a Secondary Master Clock (B). They provide a convenient way of switching to the Secondary Master Clock if a problem develops with the Primary Master Clock.

Also new is the ES-71, which converts SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE Time Code to a USB interface. The device is powered by the USB interface and is intended for computer time synchronization. The unit features four modes of operation, which can be selected by DIP switch or by software.

Finally, the ES-217/BNC and ES-246/ BNC products distribute time code throughout a Master Clock System to equipment that accepts SMPTE-LTC time code. The ES-217/BNC provides 1 x 4 distribution housed in a small diecast box. The ES-246/BNC offers a Quad 1 x 6 configuration in a single rackmount.