Evertz: Flexibility, Reduced Cost for Dynamic Environments

evEDGEevEDGE now supports the Scorpion smart media processing platform.

Evertz Microsystems has merged two of its key product lines to make IP media services an even more viable alternative to fixed-function processing, according to Bob Fung, product marketing manager for Evertz.

The company’s evEDGE Virtual IP Media Services platform, which enables flexible operational workflows with its library of media services and support for agile hardware platforms, now supports the Evertz Scorpion Smart Media Processing platform.

Fung said traditional fixed-function processing hardware limits operational workflow flexibility and is not cost-effective in dynamic environments. evEDGE Virtual IP Media Services, however, support a selection of processing functions that can be modified easily. evEDGE supports virtual IP media services over agile hardware platforms including FPGA computer blades, x86 COTS servers and the cloud, and now evEDGE’s agile hardware support includes the Scorpion smart media processing platform.

Scorpion is a high-density signal conversion, routing, aggregation and transport platform from Evertz that uses miniature interface modules to enable a customized Scorpion solution for every application.

Fung also emphasized some interoperability news with Tektronix that he said shows the progression of Evertz and its deployment of IP systems that support standards including ST 2110 and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05.