Evertz Unifies Workflow Across Platforms

Mo Goyal

Evertz kicked off its presence at NAB Show Sunday morning by announcing its vision for the future. Mo Goyal, Evertz director of product marketing, outlined a paradigm shift called Facility 2020, which seeks to unify and enhance IP workflow across all platforms.

“As companies move to IP, they are now enabling themselves to look at resources in a different, nonlinear manner,” Goyal said. “Rather than dedicating a resource to a specific service, you can put [resources] in a pool and bring them up when you need them.”

To help Evertz achieve its vision, the company announced several new products and enhancements, including evEDGE, a software-defined compute and routing platform that meets the needs of smaller facilities looking for a cost-effective way to migrate to IP, while enabling larger facilities to work with their existing infrastructures. evEDGE features redundant switch fabric technology with twice the compute, processing and gateway density.

The other major product announcement was inSITE, an advanced data analytics collector that can help IP users decipher their system’s weaknesses and needs.

Goyal described upgrades to the entire Evertz product line that accommodate the growing use of 4K HDR and uncompressed workflows, as well as a partnership with Amazon to create broader cloud services.