Booth SL 3816 EVS is featuring new IP connected live and creative live technologies that enable UHD-4K, 360 degree and augmented and contextual replays on any screen. EVS also is showing how different production sites can connect to create content in three distinct live environments: OB trucks, broadcast center/studios and stadiums/arenas.

The new XT4K server, featuring EVS’ loop recording technology, brings four channels of uncompressed UHD-4K over a single 12G-SDI wire or 12 channels of HD/1080p (in ChannelMAX configurations). It’s integrated with native IP I/O, XAVC-4K recording and 10-bit HDR support.

EVS is showcasing IPWeb, a collaborative media toolkit, which allows users to remotely access, browse and select content clips from anywhere. There’s also Xplore, which lets production teams view live recorders, create media selections and deliver content without interfering with production truck operations. EVS is also displaying IPLink, which provides fast, easy access to media managed by IPDirector.