EVS Debuts Xeebra Multiview Replay System

EVS brought an effusive fan to NAB Show to talk about the company’s new multiview replay system.

“This took me to supersonic speed from the Stone Age,” said Mike Carey, former NFL referee turned CBS commentator who used Xeebra for the Super Bowl in February.

Xeebra features a touchscreen for bringing up multiple screen views of continuously synchronized content from up to 16 HD cameras, in real time.

EVS excels at live sports, particularly servers; XS3 is their latest. It expands from two to 12 channels and features native codec and format support for HD, UHD and 4K 1080p operations, plus key and fill functions. The stalwart XT3 also got a new 4U ChannelMAX mode offering, creating the option to double the channel density to eight, 12 and beyond.

EVS also brought a virtual basketball court that leverages eight cameras feeding EVS servers and replayed on the Xeebra.

EVS is debuting its own OB truck setup to demo its technology for live sports capture. It also is showcasing its Ingest Funnel’s multiformat, multicodec platform and the DYVI IT-based switcher, upgraded with an intuitive panel, distributed architecture and scalable processor.

This show is also, for EVS, the launch of the EVS Live on Tour, and finally EVS and HBS are launching a Broadcast Academy vertical for developing trained personnel for live sports coverage work.