EVS Launches VIA for Machine Learning for Customization

EVS' upgraded Xeebra Video Referencing System

EVS unveiled the VIA platform, which is based on microservices and modules that use machine learning to enable more customized products and workflows. VIA’s impact, which will be felt across the entire EVS product line, represents a philosophical change from a traditional one-size-fits-all method to a more customized approach.

VIA consists of three elements: VIA Flow, which powers workflow management, customization and monitoring; VIA Mind, for AI automation and creation assistance; and VIA OpenGate, which offers centralized APIs and toolkits for enhanced applications.

The first product based on VIA is EVS’ X-One, designed for live coverage of niche sports or events with up to six cameras. It uses machine learning to automate the mundane tasks essential to successful live production and mitigate the requirement for multiple crew members.

“This product gives all the tools of the control room to a single operator,” said Nicolas Bourdon, EVS senior vice president, marketing.

Also new is XT-VIA, which features boosted internal bandwidth to operate in workflows that embrace any resolution up to UHD-4K, as well as version 2.0 of EVS’ Xeebra video refereeing system, which offers AI-driven field calibration.

EVS is also showcasing SCORE MASTER, an IP flow routing system designed for deployment within IP-based live media production workflows with central orchestration, flow-based monitoring, bandwidth and latency awareness, as well as production control.