Executive Q&A: Andreas Hilmer, LAWO Director of Marketing & Communication

Andreas Hilmer

Q. What technology trends will you be following most closely at NAB Show?

A. It may sound repetitive, but my answer is “IP.” As the availability of ST2110-compliant products increases, and the rapidly increasing number of real-world deployments shows tangible benefits, IP will again be the most-discussed topic. Furthermore, HDR and 4K, which we have already integrated into our IP products, are likely to become standard. Immersive sound will become a hot topic again as the natural counterpart to 4K. Beyond this, I’ll be closely following the utilization of blockchain and AI technology.

Q. What is the top business challenge for 2019 facing companies or your customers in the media and entertainment industry?

A. Now that the migration towards IP is in full swing, new challenges arise: How to ensure reliable operation and how to understand what is actually happening in the IP network blackbox. As users gain more experience, they notice that they are flying blind. Real-time telemetry and monitoring solutions such as Lawo SMART are the answer to IP’s last challenge, and they enable reliable and transparent IP operation.