Executive Q&A: Mark D’Addio, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, VITEC

Q. What technology trends will you be following most closely at NAB Show this year?

A. We are seeing widespread adoption of HEVC streaming by organizations to distribute video over IP. HEVC encoding offers revolutionary efficiency with up to a 50-percent bandwidth savings versus H.264. For example, this allows broadcasters to double the number of streams over their existing infrastructure. We are also seeing an increased demand for ultra-low latency, especially for live applications such as broadcast contribution and distributing video across public venues.

Q. What is the top business challenge for 2019 facing companies or your customers in the media and entertainment industry?

A. 4K streaming, with four times the bandwidth consumption, is a concern due to limited bandwidth availability. HEVC certainly helps to regain bandwidth, but it has slowed down 4K adoption by some of our customers. Content protection is also a concern of customers. For example, streaming commercial TV via multicast over an enterprise network to PC clients, STBs and mobile devices. Fortunately, major content providers have recently begun to support AES encryption to protect content for such applications.