Executive Q&A: Richard E. Fiore Jr., President & CEO, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark LLC

Q. What technology trends will you be following most closely at NAB Show this year?
A. Next Generation Broadcasting Technology (NGBT) is moving our industry into the future of wireless communications and providing broadcasters with more avenues to engage the consumer than ever before. We are closely following the impact of ATSC 3.0 and 5G as well as technology trends such as MIMO and MISO. This new industry standard also allows Hitachi-Comark to promote and integrate software-defined encoding solutions that provide the flexibility for today’s challenges and support tomorrow’s more efficient encoding algorithms.

Q. What is the top business challenge for 2019 facing companies or your customers in the media and entertainment industry?
A. As a premier manufacturer and supplier of DTV transmission systems, we are closely following the progress of the FCC repack timelines and the associated phase deadlines. Hitachi-Comark has been actively managing vendors, inventory and personnel resources to be sure that we help our customers meet their deadlines, on time and on budget. The first phases are nearly complete and the next phases will be occurring at faster intervals; we remain committed to keeping our customers on track.