Executive Q&A: Stefan Gnann, CEO LYNX Technik AG

Q. What technology trends will you be following most closely at NAB Show this year?

A. The momentum for 4K (12G for SDI) is now commonplace in broadcast workflows and infrastructure discussions with our customers around the world. Watching the pristine images of 4K is one thing, but moving them around and processing them is another. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is another closely watched trend, which we’ve embraced with our new technology announcement of HDR Evie, which provides frame-by-frame and real-time automatic HDR to SDR conversion. We also see a lot weight behind the IP connectivity trends, especially since standards are in place.

Q. What is the top business challenge for 2019 facing companies or your customers in the media and entertainment industry?
A. We have regular discussions with our customers about the challenges they face incorporating new technologies and the changing content consumption by their viewers. There is increased pressure on broadcasters to provide content across multiple platforms as viewers continue to move away from their traditional viewing habits. Plus, with the exciting promise of new innovations around 4K, HDR and IP, the opportunities for growth are challenged by our customers’ reduced budgets and often a limited technical staff that can fully implement these new technologies.