Exhibitor News: Acromove

Booth SL15017  Acromove is highlighting its ThunderPack Mini, a portable Thunderbolt 3 hardware RAID for anyone who needs to collect data on location and move it to a processing center. While it is designed for the digital film workflow, any project needing to record large amounts of data in the field can use the ThunderPack Mini, such as VR productions, medical MRI imaging facilities, military/law enforcement or industrial work.

ThunderPack Mini is self-contained in an IP67-rated watertight, dust-proof Pelican case that can be stowed in an overhead airline bin. It has a sophisticated power management system with built-in Li-ion battery array that serves as a UPS and can power the unit up to six hours, as well as operate an external LTO drive while also charging MacBooks and cellphones. ThunderPack Mini comes in different models allowing connection to external LTOs and the Codex Capture Drives.