Exhibitor News: Advantech

Booth SU10806 Advantech is featuring its VEGA-4002 FPGA-based full-height GPU-length, single-deck PCI Express card. The VEGA-4002 is suitable for live video processing applications both
in appliances and in scale-out data center servers.

Addressing the growing need for processing acceleration and flexibility, the latest Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) offer this acceleration while retaining future-proof reconfigurable capability. Advantech’s VEGA-4002, a dual Xilinx XCVU9P configuration, can provide access to this technology. Due to their implementation architectures, the majority of video processing applications do not make full use of the power envelope of an FPGA, so the VEGA-4002 board infrastructure is optimized for lower-power operation. Consequently, the VEGA-4002 offers a higher-density, more power-efficient implementation for encoding and transcoding applications. For servers with efficient airflow, the VEGA-4002 can be supplied with a single-slot heatsink configuration, potentially quadrupling the processing density compared to other general-purpose single-chip double-width implementations.