Exhibitor News: Aveco

Booth SU8516  Aveco’s new Ad Juggler enables media companies to sell sponsorships for different types of plays during sports broadcasts.

The new master control automation system can handle alternate sponsorships for alternative delivery methods, and features one-key functionality to execute “the proper type of sponsorship as a video and/ or graphic, implementing a standing-order from traffic, is posting to the as-run log, and reconciling to traffic and billing, according to Aveco.

Ad Juggler includes Aveco’s Commercial Counter, which dynamically updates commercial duration, so networks and stations remain within standards and practices limits, as well as regulatory limits, according to the company.

The system can also be used in a standalone configuration with Aveco’s Redwood Blue or using off-the-shelf hardware in Aveco’s Redwood White.

“Ad Juggler changes the game of ad optimization in sports,” said Aveco Managing Director Pavel Potuzak.