Exhibitor News: Bannister Lake

BOOTH SL5615  Bannister Lake is showcasing Chameleon, a one-stop solution that transforms data into graphic content that can be used on a variety of editorial, branding and sponsorship applications.

Chameleon provides “as run” logs for promos and sponsorships with a variety of support for campaign tracking including the ability to track and account for promos and sponsorships throughout the broadcast day.

A Tag Time feature allows media organizations to leverage data and templating to update and position promos strategically.

Tag Time places promos at pre-planned spots during the daypart to pull audiences into primetime.

The company says its Query function provides broadcasters with the flexibility to use data sources in new ways to create rules governing the playback of content. Stations can leverage a variety of external and internal data conditions to determine if and when branding and sponsorship content should appear on-air.