Exhibitor News: Barix

Barix Silence Monitor


BOOTH C1139  Barix is unveiling its Silence Monitor solution, a web-accessible, analog-input audio monitoring device that the company says delivers high levels of quality assurance, monitoring audio streams 24/7 and sending real-time alerts when an outage or silence is detected.

Silence Monitor does more than just detect silence — it also captures and sends a 10-second pre-alarm audio clip that users can listen to and analyze to determine what might have happened before the error occurred. In addition, Silence Monitor offers optional LTE 4G/3G/NB-IoT transmission for RF out-of-band connectivity.

This backup communication link ensures alarm detection signals are transmitted, even in the event of an IP network outage.

Silence Monitor checks transmission and monitors broadcast streams continuously, sending immediate alerts to the user’s email or mobile device via SMS/text message. Once users receive a notification, they can click on the link provided in the message to stream the last audio transmission.