Exhibitor News: Barnfind USA

Barnfind USA

Barnfind USABOOTH SL8630  Barnfind USA, the support, service and sales arm of Barnfind Technologies, is showcasing the new BarnOne BTF1-41 frame and demonstrating the frame’s capabilities. With future-proof technology to support emerging signal formats including 4K, HDMI 2.0 and IP, the frame also supports legacy formats (including analog video) allowing facility designers and production engineers to utilize brand new as well as legacy technology in their work — seamless and with practically no distance limitations — a multi-functional, signal neutral fiber transport platform that widens system design capabilities while permitting system reconfiguration on-the-fly.

The BTF1-41 is being shown alongside enhanced versions of the company’s core BarnOne and BarnMini families that now offer more control options, advanced functionality and improved configuration capabilities.