Exhibitor News: BB&S Lighting

Booth C8549  BB&S Lighting is expanding its lineup of fixtures with the Force 7, a single-source, white light, 97 CRI LED LEKO. Focusable without double shadows or hot spots, the Force 7’s output is equivalent to 750W, but it draws just 185W at maximum.

With an external, yoke-mounted 48V power supply, it exhibits no color shift dimming all the way to zero. Popular for studios and sets requiring an even field with sharp cuts and no spill, the Force 7 is also suitable to reflect light.

The company’s Pipeline remote phosphor LED fixture family has added 3-foot and 4-foot lengths, increasing the possibilities for cylindrical pipe-style lighting. The new sizes join the existing 4-inch, 8-inch, 1-foot and 2-foot pipes. The Pipeline remote phosphor fixtures offer inline driver/dimmers to operate as standalone, and with 10W per foot draw, they deliver 1000 lumens per foot at 98 TLCI. Each is available in 3200°K, 4300°K and 5600°K.