Exhibitor News: Beijing Pavilion

Booth C2033 The Beijing Pavilion brings more innovative technology. In recent years, Beijing’s technology industry related to radio and television has flourished, and the number and scale of enterprises have increased in varying degrees. Beijing’s radio and television technology enterprises are involved in the equipment manufacturing and service sectors.

This year is the fourth appearance for Beijing Pavilion at NAB Show. The Beijing Pavilion, organized by Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, is located in Central Hall, and brings together 11 outstanding radio and television technology companies from Beijing, mainly focusing on the collection, production, transmission, content distribution, terminal bearer, business application and operation management of Beijing’s radio and television industry.

Technology and product innovations of the radio and TV industry such as Broadcast-Level 8K VR Content, 10G ALL-IP FTTH Solutions, AI Automated Video Production System, Live VR Station, UHF Broadband Panel Antennas and so on will be displayed. In order to help the audience better understand product features, every day from 10–11:30 a.m. and 2–3 p.m., “China Beijing Radio and TV New Technical Product Release” is being held in the booth, which will give attendees a more comprehensive understanding of the product technical performance of Beijing’s radio and television technology enterprises. Each day starting at 5 p.m., there will be a “Beijing Party” held in the booth to enable a face-to-face communication opportunity for companies and clients.

Beijing Pavilion will better play the role of an international platform through organizing various activities to further promote diversified communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign companies.