Exhibitor News: Canon

Booth C4325  Canon’s newest addition to its the Cinema EOS System is the CN-E 20mm T1.5 L, a full-manual 20mm Cinema Prime Lens for Canon’s EF Mount Cinema cameras. Providing users with an option between its 14mm and 24mm lenses, the CN-E 20mm T1.5 L allows for greater flexibility in scene framing.

Capable of capturing 4K resolution from the center of the images out to the periphery, the CN-E 20mm T1.5 L lens offers high image quality for Canon cameras that feature full-frame sensors, including the EOS C700 FF digital cinema camera. An 11-blade aperture diaphragm alongside a T number of 1.5 allows the lens to provide soft bokeh.

The CN-E 20mm T1.5 L is the 21st product added to Canon’s family of Cinema EOS System and EF Cinema lenses, alongside the Cinema Prime, Cinema Zoom, Compact Zoom, CINE-SERVO and COMPACT-SERVO series of lenses.