Exhibitor News: Cineo Lighting

Booth C9948  Cineo Lighting and NBCUniversal will be demonstrating the latest technologies in production lighting. Specializing in remote phosphor technology, Cineo is showcasing its specialized light sources that deliver reference-quality white light at consistent color temperatures, according to the company. Cineo’s product line also includes color-tunable soft lights in a range of fixture sizes and power levels, from 150 watts to 1,200 watts.

Cineo is introducing the Standard 410, a soft source in a self-contained, fanless 400-watt fixture. Like other Cineo saturated color fixtures, the Standard 410 combines white light quality with a Rec. 2020 saturated color engine.

Designed by Cineo, NBCUniversal’s Lightblade series products also are on display, including the Lightblade LB1K, a 4-foot x 4-foot, 1,000-watt soft light that includes a range of white and saturated color and can be operated in multiple zones to simulate motion and effects. NBCUniversal is also showcasing its Lightblade standalone fixtures developed for studio illumination.