Exhibitor News: CP Communications

BOOTH C3307 CP Communications has unveiled its Red House Streaming brand of STREAM content acquisition packages. It includes CamSTREAM, a single- or dual-camera acquisition system with streaming support over Ethernet, Wi-Fi and bonded-cellular service. CamSTREAM is a suitable plug-and-play, broadcast-quality solution for unattended operations.

The brand also includes MultiCam STREAM, a scalable multi-camera acquisition camera system for live-streamed and at-home productions. MultiCam STREAM elevates productions with support for four cameras, 32 audio channels and data (including return tally and four-wire intercom) in the base configuration.

The Production STREAM is a multi-camera flypack acquisition system for on-site and remote productions with larger I/O signal requirements. The all-in-one system integrates Simplylive video switching and Dante-enabled audio mixing from Presonus to support more traditional broadcast and production workflows, with tally and four-wire intercom support.