Exhibitor News: Crystal Vision Ltd.

BOOTH SL11513  Crystal Vision is demonstrating several products including the Cleanit profanity delay, which can provide delays of up to 20 seconds in HD for live feeds of video and audio, giving an operator time to react and either mute or replace the content.

The IP-IP-2022 and IP-IP-2110 firewalls are IP-to-IP translators that stop everything going through except for video and audio. Unit features include network security, unicast-to-multicast conversion, Network Address Translation, data shaping and flexible network redundancy.

The company also is showing its series of IP gateways. The SDI6-IP-2022, IPSDI6-2022, SDI6-IP-2110 and SDI6-IP-2110 are designed for integrating SDI into ST 2022 and ST 2110 IP environments.

Lastly, the Safe Switch 3G fail-safe routing switch monitors 18 fault conditions and switches to good signals with no disruption to the output and with compensation for timing differences.