Exhibitor News: Dejero

Booth C2025  Blended connectivity solutions that aim to provide reliability for live feeds over IP networks will be part of Dejero’s NAB Show presentation, as will new encoding/decoding equipment with HEVC video compression technology.

Dejero’s CellSat platform uses the company’s network-blending technology to improve reliability by combining cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network carriers with Kuband satellite connectivity provided by Intelsat.

Another connectivity product being shown is GateWay, a router designed as an in-vehicle mobile connectivity solution. The router blends cellular connections from multiple cellular providers to create a high-bandwidth virtual network. Dejero algorithms manage the fluctuating bandwidth of individual cellular connections and automatically adjust the throughput in real time. A cloud management system enables broadcasters to remotely manage the routers from the field.

In addition, Dejero is featuring its HEVC-capable EnGo mobile transmitters, PathWay rackmounted encoders and transmitters, as well as its WayPoint receiver.