Exhibitor News: Deltacast

Booth SL11813  Deltacast is unveiling a host of solutions for IP and SDI technologies at NAB show. Among new products is the Delta-12G-elp-h 1C, which the company says is the “next-generation product of the Delta-3G-elp-d 4C SDI card for 4K applications.” The new solution lets users implement a 12G SDI interface on one of the 4x programmable 3G SDI input or output connectors. The company will also introduce the ST-2110 IP hardware and software-only solution. The firm offers various solutions for ST-2022-6 within the VideoMaster SDK. The first two ST-2110 products available from Deltacast are the IP ST-2110-RX video card and the IP ST-2110 IP license-based software-only version. Finally, Deltacast has announced a new multichannel solution (up to 8x 4K), which provides users with an up to 32-channel SDI/eight-channel HDMI/eight-channel display port solution on the same PCI express slot.