Exhibitor News: Deltacast

BOOTH SL13013  Deltacast has a full slate of products on display at its booth, leading off with the Delta-12G-elp-h 20. This new device integrates on-board processing functions, such as low resolution/thumbnail generation, conversion to planar buffer packing, color space conversion and detection, and correction of different defects in the source signal.

The company also has a hybrid ASI/ SDI board that is designed for high density in small-form-factor appliances, the Delta-3G4c-ASI4c-elp-d. With this comes four 3G/HD/SD-SDI bidirectional channels, as well as four ASI bidirectional channels. Other products on display include ST2110 and ST-2022 virtual cards to help simplify adoption of video-over-IP and the FLEX system, which is a new way of performing video interfacing.