Exhibitor News: Deva Broadcast

 Booth N5916  DEVA says its new DB45 is an essential tool for the reliable monitoring of FM signals. With a fully DSP-based core and a compact, practical design, the system fea- tures parameter measurement, including the RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, left and right audio levels, RDS and pilot injection levels.

Upon demodulation of the FM signal, the SDR FM tuner digitizes the RF signal and all signal processing is achieved through calculations. Thanks to the precision of this tool’s digital filters, says DEVA, the FM Multiplex signal’s compo- nents can be reproduced accurately and repeatedly from one device to another. This means, for example, that the same signal applied to two devices would give the same result.

The DB45 also features an easy-to-use web interface; a built-in audio streamer, which lets users listen to and record audio from any station; and TCP/IP (GSM connectivity is optional) for remote monitoring.