Exhibitor News: Dielectric

Booth C2613  ATSC 3.0-compatible UHF/VHF repack antennas and components are a high- light of Dielectric’s exhibit. Features include safety margins that withstand the peak-to-average power ratios of the new standard.

“Since ATSC 3.0 uses OFDM modulation rather than ATSC 1.0’s 8-VSB, the PAPR is 2 to 3 dB higher,” said Vice President of Sales Jay Martin. “Not only do our ATSC 3.0-compatible repack antennas and filters meet these higher peak power demands, but our band-tunable filters are being tuned to ATSC 3.0 before they ship from our facility.” The equipment won’t need retuning later should a customer decide to switch to ATSC 3.0.

Dielectric also highlights FutureFill, a feature in center-fed, high-power repack antennas that increases power density by 7 to 9 dB close to the tower and reduces main lobe gain by 1.2 to 1.4 dB. It allows an ATSC 1.0 antenna to be adjusted so that its performance is boosted for ATSC 3.0 without having to be taken down from the tower or replaced.