Exhibitor News: Dielectric

BOOTH C2213 Among the products that Dielectric is featuring at its booth are a TV and radio monitoring system, broadband elbows and a low-band VHF CP antenna.

The TV and radio monitoring system on display was developed by DAC and Dielectric, and was designed to provide real-time information on transmission line and antenna status with the stations at full power. The system can detect magnitude and location of any line and antenna degradation.

Dielectric has also released a standard broadband elbow to serve Channels 2 through 50, covering VHF and UHF assignments. The elbows are available in all rigid sizes.

The DCR-Q is the company’s new low-band VHF CP antenna, providing Channel 4 and 5 broadcasters with a lighter option that boosts indoor reception via a circular polarization. Complete lowband VHF systems include specialized Channel 4/5 filters.