Exhibitor News: DVEO

BOOTH SU3306 DVEO’s slate of products begins with the Dozer Cloud Packet Recovery Technology, the cloud version of the Dozer error-correcting protocol that delivers content streams to media servers. Also on display is the File Hose for secure file transport, an accelerated file transfer system that sends and receives files at a speed supported by the operator’s internet connection.

StreamCheck is an IP, HD and SDI analysis tool that reports stream health to supervisory systems for decisions about switching in alternative resources, with analyses covering stream syntax, stream timing and metadata. It works for both VOD and live content.

The Atlas Cloud is a new version of the Atlas packaging server for delivering live and on-demand, multi-bitrate IPTV and OTT services. The technology converts streams into adaptive bitrate protocols.

The IPTV Controller Videoplayer workstation manages player parameters, such as access, EPG, network, video quality, notifications, device types and DRM.