Exhibitor News: Editshare

BOOTH SL8016  EditShare is spotlighting the latest advancements to products that deal with storage security, cloud integration and IMF.

One of these products is the company’s EFS Auditing technology, a real-time auditing platform to manage, monitor and secure media from inception to delivery. EFS Auditing is designed to keep track of all digital assets and capture the digital footprint, including copying, modifying and deleting of any content.

Updates are also being shown for the Flow 2019 extension 3. Advancements include multicam editing capabilities and support for new storage vendors. There is also an expansion of its cloud-based support for Azure, Google, S3, Wasabi and Backblaze.

Then there’s QScan, which lets users adopt automated quality control processes into facilities and workflows, featuring new IMF capabilities.

QScan’s support of IMF workflows allows users to create one bundle with the variation in language and distribution encapsulated.