Exhibitor News: ENCO

Booth N3824  ENCO says the second generation of its WebDAD solution enables native remote control of ENCO DAD automation systems and production workflows from any standard web browser.

Part of ENCO’s enCloud family, WebDAD provides users with a virtualized platform to control studio-based radio automation systems remotely. Its interface has been redesigned and optimized through an HTML5 architecture. The company says the open, flexible nature of HTML5 ensures that broadcasters are not limited to specific browsers, enabling native-level control from any workstation or mobile device.

President Ken Frommert said this introduces new operational efficiencies for full-time personnel and allows parttime, contract and remote staff to access the system from a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device. Thus stations and networks can establish a decentralized workforce and allow talent to be heard in several markets with the ability to voice track from anywhere; a board op no longer needs to be at the station to control and playout a live show.