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ENCO enCaption for Radio

ENCO enCaption for RadioBOOTH N2524  ENCO is expanding enCaption to serve radio broadcasters and audiences by using internet and OTT delivery to enable radio broadcasters to display corresponding text in the listener’s browser or app.

ENCO’s software-defined enCaption solution helps broadcasters and content producers provide closed or open captioning for both live and prerecorded content in near-real time. Leveraging machine-learning technology and a deep neural network voice recognition approach, the company says enCaption’s speech-to-text engine delivers impressive accuracy with extremely low latency.

enCaption configurations for radio can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

On-premises enCaption systems support discrete analog or AES audio sources, while both on-premises and cloud-based deployments can input IP-based audio streams.

Captions created by enCaption can be output as files or streams in standard Web-VTT format or as a raw text data stream for integration with the station’s website media player, mobile or OTT app.