Exhibitor News: Equinix

Booths SU10102CM, SU155CMMR

Equinix has closed a deal with Discovery Communications to implement an Interconnection Oriented Architecture to facilitate a fully cloud-based, distributed model.

IOA is an engagement model that shifts IT delivery architecture from siloed and centralized to interconnected and distributed. The IOA is leveraged on Platform Equinix, which provides the building blocks to implement the architecture, including a global footprint of data centers, cloud and service provider ecosystems and the ability to integrate data and analytics.

Equinix’s global interconnection platform provides companies with the Equinix Cloud Exchange for direct access to cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softplayer and Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Through this system, Discovery will be able to consolidate 80 percent of its IT infrastructure, optimize delivery of worldwide content and accelerate real-time product delivery through low-latency connections.