Exhibitor News: GB Labs

BOOTH SL5324  GB Labs is launching its latest operating systems, Core.4 and Core.4 Lite. According to the company, Core.4 is a high-performance, custom OS designed to serve media files with an additional intelligence layer, which delivers stability and quality of service for every user.

The power-saving intelligence means that Core.4 ensures consistent performance while using the least amount of disks. Its expanded range of useful features, plus an improved user interface, are all engineered to further enhance users’ ability to manage and enhance online workflows.

Included as standard in Core.4 is GB Labs’ Mosaic asset organization software, created to improve asset organization and accessibility for media-centric workflows.

The streamlined Core.4 Lite software now available for GB Labs’ FastNAS, F-16, and F-16 Nitro storage systems provides bandwidth control and expansion capability. Core.4 Lite also includes Mosaic software.