Exhibitor News: Interra Systems

Booth SU7605  The latest version of Interra Systems’ BATON QC is being showcased, specifically its new auto-scaling features. With auto-scaling, users can adjust their BATON system to handle peaks in QC content. The system also supports a range of new codecs and formats, as well as multiple DRM systems.

In addition, BATON+ QC and new data analysis features for BATON+ enable users to track trends and anomalies in media content.

Interra’s booth also features the ORION-OTT content monitor for VoD and live delivery. This is a software-based OTT system that looks at all aspects of the video stream, such as QoS, QoE, closed captions and ad-insertion verification.

Other gear being shown at the booth includes the ORION real-time content monitoring and video analysis system and VEGA Media Ana- lyzers for in-depth analysis of adaptive bit-rate formats.