Exhibitor News: Interra Systems

Booth SU7605 Interra Systems is showcasing its BATON ABR QC, ORION-OTT monitoring solutions and ORION Central Manager. BATON ABR and ORION-OTT perform deep QC checks and monitor VOD and live content from ingest to distribution points. By carrying out checks at pre- and post-transcode stages, along with delivery-specific checks and monitoring, this solution assures QoE for every stream on every device.

ORION-OTT can monitor a number of streams for ABR compliance along with audio-video quality checks in real time. The high-performance solution suite also supports closed captions, ad verification/compliance and DRMs on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Providing an aggregated view and status collected by ORION and ORION-OTT monitoring points, ORION Central Manager offers a real-time view of linear and OTT services, alerts and QoE information for each video, which the company says ensures fast and efficient resolution of issues.